Our customers

SulfaTrap LLC

SulfaTrap provides full-service engineering, design, construction, and modular fabrication for our desulfurization systems to clients in various industries including gas processing, petrochemicals, pipeline, and energy. We design and fabricate turn-key desulfurization systems that can be integrated into your current process based on your sulfur removal needs. Our desulfurization systems include all the process and electrical components needed for stand-alone operation. They are installed on skids and have process control and data-logging capability. Sample collection can be manual or automatic and can be done from various sampling ports provided for extracting gas/liquid samples for analysis.


At Energinet, the requirements and standards for the tasks are very high. Energinet expects a lot from their suppliers, and we feel very comfortable here. Together with coordination and overall expectations, ML smedeservice ApS strives to deliver exactly what the customer wants. When we do tasks within the energy sector, it is even more important to have all measures in place. This is because, this is an infrastructure that never stands still, and that is why, the shutdowns are carefully planned and fully organized. Therefore, our employees must be at their sharpest and fully focused.


At NCC, the projects are often large and require good planning and structuring. Sometimes the handling of an asphalt factory is demanding, as it is heavy tasks and blacksmith work that requires courage and will. At ML smedeservice ApS, we are happy to take on tasks that require will and strength, and together we lift the Challenges until they are completed. Therefore, over the years, NCC has called us several times, to help them with winter shutdowns and maintenance at their many factories